Miami Beach Roofing


Residents of Miami Beach need a roofer who understands the unique requirements of the city. Miami Beach has historic areas that need to be treated with care and respect. Additionally, the close proximity to the corrosive saltwater requires the use of special materials in order for the roof to last. Based on our experience and high standards, Oceans Roofing is the Miami Beach Roofer of choice. On dozens of roofs that we've replaced on Miami Beach, we have seen failure because they used materials that could not withstand the corrosive environment that the beach properties experience. This has caused these roofs to fail, five to ten years before they should have. Oceans Roofing knows that properties that close to the water need copper flashing and drip edge. It is more expensive than galvanized steel, but will easily last for decades. For your home on Miami Beach, hire a contractor who understands what your home needs in a roof -- one who has earned the respect of roofing inspectors by consistently installing great roofs. We install handmade barrel tile roofs, flat roofs, Spanish-S, and we help with the restoration of historic buildings.

If you are restoring a historic home or building and want the very best roofing contractor to make sure your project is a success, then choose Oceans Roofing at: (305) 825-4207